Atlas Able probes

59-01-14 A Development Plan for 2 Interplanetary probes (Able 3-4)

59-06-01 Development Plan for Able 3-4

59-08-21 An Interplanetary Communication System, George Mueller, John Taber

60-05-02 The Able Series of Space Probes
60-??-?? The Atlas 5 Lunar Satellite, Paul Glaser, E.R. Spangler
60-06-01 Payload Command Reciever/Doppler Transmitter
60-06-16 A tracking and command system for space applications
60-6-29 Final Report, Able 3-4 Television System, H. Rosenberg, Stu Baker
60-10-?? History of Atlas Able-5A Florida Operations

Robert Enichen's website devoted to the Atlas Able-5 engine

Pioneer 5 and Atlas Able photos (John Taber)
Atlas Able? photos (Stu Baker)
Atlas Able 3-4 experiments (Stu Baker)