Explorer 6

Earthbound Pioneer, by Gideon Marcus

Contractor Documents

Gilfillan info

Gulton info

Hallamore info

Hoffman info

Motorola info

Radiation Inc. info

Radio Propagation Laboratories info

Rantec info

Space Electronics info

University of Illinois info

Evaluation of Telemetry Records from Explorer VI and Pioneer V

STL Documents

59-01-14 A Development Plan for 2 Interplanetary probes (Able 3-4)

59-06-01 Development Plan for Able 3-4

59-07-01 The Able 3 payload instrumentation

59 STL Explorer VI components

59 STL Explorer VI Environmental Testing

59 STL Explorer VI Experiments

59 STL Explorer VI Multiplexer

59 STL Explorer VI Radiation Experiments

59 STL Explorer VI Telebit

59 STL Explorer VI Test Objectives.

59 STL Thor Able III

59-08-21 An Interplanetary Communication System, George Mueller, John Taber

60 STL Explorer VI Satellite Comparison

60-05-02 The Able Series of Space Probes

60-06-01 Payload Command Reciever/Doppler Transmitter

60-6-16 A tracking and command system for space applications

NASA Updates

590807 NASA Explorer VI

590807 NASA Explorer VI Launching Vehicle

590815 NASA Early Explorer VI Findings

590928 NASA Explorer VI Satellite Relays Earth Image

590928 NASA Findings of Explorer VI

Scientific Findings from Explorer VI (NASA SP-54, 1965)


Explorer 6 photos (John Taber)

The first photo of the Earth